Pugs For Sale In Michigan: Your Guide

Casa Blanca Pugs: Reputable Breeder Recognized By AKC And PDCA

Casa Blanca Pugs is a renowned breeder in Michigan that is recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and is a proud member of The Pug Dog Club of America (PDCA). Their commitment to breeding pugs of superior breed quality sets them apart. With a strong focus on health and genetics, Casa Blanca Pugs ensures that their puppies are healthy and come with AKC registration.

Not only do they prioritize quality breeding, but Casa Blanca Pugs also actively participates in AKC Conformation and Performance events. This demonstrates their dedication to maintaining breed standards and showcasing the excellence of their pugs. By participating in these events, Casa Blanca Pugs provides potential buyers with the assurance that they are purchasing a pug from a reputable and knowledgeable breeder.

Exquisite Pugs: Certified Breeder Led By Jessica DiPerna

Exquisite Pugs, led by Jessica DiPerna, is a certified pug puppy breeder from the Pug Dog Club of America. Their inclusion in the PDCA Breeder Directory with a Good Standing Status speaks to their commitment to upholding breeding standards and practices.

If you are searching for pug puppies for sale, Exquisite Pugs is an excellent choice to consider. With their certification and recognition, you can trust that the puppies they offer are healthy and come from well-cared-for parents. Reach out to Exquisite Pugs to find your perfect pug companion.

Loralar Pugs: Certified Breeder In Grand Rapids, MI

Located in Grand Rapids, MI, Loralar Pugs is a certified breeder that offers exceptional pug puppies. With an AKC title and membership in the PDCA Breeders, they demonstrate their dedication to the breed and their commitment to producing healthy and well-bred pugs.

Loralar Pugs understands that pugs are not just pets but beloved family members. They take great care in breeding and raising their puppies, ensuring that they enter into loving homes.

If you are in the Grand Rapids area and looking for a reputable pug breeder, Loralar Pugs should be at the top of your list.

Benefits of choosing Loralar Pugs:

  • Certified breeder
  • Exceptional pug puppies
  • AKC title and PDCA Breeders membership
  • Dedication to the breed
  • Commitment to producing healthy and well-bred pugs

“Pugs are not just pets; they are beloved family members.”

LDS Pug Palace: Healthy Puppies With Health Guarantee And AKC Registration

LDS Pug Palace, located in Owosso, MI, is dedicated to raising and releasing healthy and strong pug puppies. They offer a 1-year health guarantee to provide peace of mind to new owners. Additionally, all their puppies come with AKC and CKC registration, further emphasizing their commitment to breeding quality pugs.

By ensuring the health and registration of their puppies, LDS Pug Palace sets a high standard in the breeding community. Their dedication to quality and the well-being of their pugs makes them a reliable option for prospective pug owners.

Whispering Pines Pets: AKC Registered Breeder With OFA Certified Parents

Whispering Pines Pets, operating in Fremont, MI, is an AKC registered pug breeder that goes above and beyond to provide healthy and well-bred puppies. To ensure the health of their puppies, they only breed pugs whose parents are OFA certified. This certification confirms that the parents are free from any known genetic conditions.

By selectively breeding pugs with OFA certified parents, Whispering Pines Pets aims to reduce the risk of hereditary health issues in their pug puppies. As a responsible breeder, they prioritize the well-being of their dogs and the satisfaction of their customers.

Roxie Hill Pugs: Focus On Loving Environment And Healthy Diet For Puppies

Roxie Hill Pugs, a pug breeder in Michigan, differentiates itself from other breeders by prioritizing the provision of a loving environment and a healthy diet for their puppies. This commitment to nurturing and care translates into the development of healthy and happy adult pugs. Their holistic approach and dedication to creating a positive environment make Roxie Hill Pugs an excellent choice for individuals seeking pugs with exceptional physical and mental well-being.

Snuggle Pugs: Pugs For Sale, Run By Gary And Joan Yerkie

Snuggle Pugs, located in Whitehall, Michigan, is a reputable pug breeder owned and operated by Gary and Joan Yerkie. They are passionate pug enthusiasts dedicated to finding loving and responsible families for their puppies.

By choosing Snuggle Pugs, you not only bring home a new furry companion but also support a breeders who are committed to breeding and caring for these adorable creatures. The Yerkies provide a personalized experience to ensure that each pug puppy finds the perfect home.

Consider Snuggle Pugs if you are in the market for a pug puppy and want to support passionate pug lovers who strive to match these delightful pets with caring families.

  • Experienced breeders passionate about pugs
  • Personalized experience for finding the perfect pug puppy
  • Caring and responsible approach to breeding
  • Located in Whitehall, Michigan

“Choosing Snuggle Pugs means finding a new loyal companion while supporting a breeder committed to the well-being of these adorable pugs.”

Marshall’s Historic Pugs: Over 20 Acres Of Land For Breeding Pug Puppies

Marshall’s Historic Pugs in Michigan is a distinguished breeder with over 20 acres of land dedicated to breeding pug puppies. This spacious environment ensures that their pugs have plenty of room to play and explore, promoting their physical and mental well-being.

By providing ample space for their pugs, Marshall’s Historic Pugs demonstrates their commitment to the breed and their desire to raise happy and healthy puppies. If you are searching for a breeder that prioritizes the overall development and happiness of their pugs, Marshall’s Historic Pugs is a fantastic option.

Michigan offers an array of reputable pug breeders, each with their own unique approach and qualities. When looking for a pug for sale, it is crucial to research and find a breeder that focuses on breeding quality pugs with consideration for health problems and genetic conditions.

While the average price of pug puppies in Michigan ranges from $600 to $1500, it is important to note that puppies with high lineage can cost anywhere from $1900 to $6000. Owning a pug puppy also entails additional expenses such as vet visits, check-ups, diet, toys, and beddings. It is vital to be prepared for the financial responsibility that comes with owning a pug.

Remember, responsible pet ownership involves commitment and dedication. Many pug puppies end up in shelters because owners realize they cannot sustain their needs. By choosing a reputable breeder and being fully prepared, you can ensure a lifetime of love and happiness with your new pug companion in Michigan.